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Food for the monsoon mood

As the monsoon spreads its grip over the country (except Karachi, of course), it brings a sense of romance and nostalgia that inadvertently makes us forget the havoc it causes. The fifth season of South Asia is a time for romantic songs, spicy food, ‘garam chai,’ and a yearning to live bigger and brighter. Today let’s begin our monsoon affair with some ideas to jazz up your snack time in the monsoon - all things your can easily make at home.

Vegetable Pakoray

Baarish and pakoray go together like desi-authors and neem trees, but in a good way. The best part is that pakoray are naturally gluten free and if you deep fry them properly, they soak up very little oil. To make your pakoras better than the average pakora, load it up with your favourite vegetables - spinach, potatoes, tomatoes (yes!) and onions.

Spicy Pasta

Not exactly a South Asian staple BUT hear me out! Imagine a hot, steaming bowl of some home style qeema macaroni while you watch the rain. You can even do a simple tomato sauce macaroni with top it off with some cheese and chilli flakes. Crack open an egg in the tomato sauce for some protein. Trust me on this one, this will be your new favourite monsoon dish.

Crispy Bhindi

If there’s something that can give French Fries a run for their money, it’s some spicy, crispy, fried okra. While the prep may take some time (enlist a volunteer), the returns are worth it. Slit the bhindi down the middle, sprinkle some salt, red chilli powder and rice flour (optional) and let them rest for about 15 minutes. Deep fry and enjoy! Doesn’t even need a dipping sauce.


Whether you want them buttered up or spiced up, corn kernels are such a great, healthy desi snack unlike any other. My fridge is always stocked with frozen corn kernels to be used in soups, fritters and salads but when I am really missing the street feel, I flash boil them in salted water. Once boiled (should take no more than 5 minutes in boiling water), add butter and your choice of spices or sauces. Personally, I only like butter or chaat masala - but never together.

Got any ideas for what else to snack on? Let us know in the comments!

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