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Add these to your Eid table.

Eid is around the corner and Muslims all around the globe are excited and preparing themselves. Eid is a time of joy where families and friends come together and celebrate! Food, gifts, and charity are distributed amongst the community so that everyone can enjoy. However, food is given a lot of importance in most households, and specialties are dished out to mark this auspicious day. There are different ways people enjoy around the world, depending from country to region. Here are a few;

Sheer Khurma

Sheer Khurma is one of the most popular dessert items in a local household. This desert is widely consumed on Eid-ul Fitr in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan and is also called “Meethi Eid “ literally translated as sweet ‘Eid, sheer khurma has become synonymous with the holiday. This vermicelli dessert is prepared by cooking milk, sugar, raisins, dates, and a variety of nuts depending on the region.


Lokum is more commonly known as Turkish delight worldwide and is considered a famous delicacy of Turkey. It is an Eid Favourite and is widely available in many types and flavors. It has a jelly-like consistency that is thick, chewy, and soft made with starch and sugar. It has multiple fillings like dates, pistachios, walnuts, and even modern ones such as chocolate. It not only tastes good but also looks beautiful.


A desert popular in Bosnia is especially enjoyed on Eid. It consists of a poached whole apple that is candied and drenched in sugar syrup and stuffed with walnut topped with a swirl of whipped cream.

Lapis Legit

This Indonesian dessert originated during the Dutch colonial era. Hence it is heavily influenced by Dutch cuisine integrated with local flavor. The cake is a traditional sponge made of butter, flour, and eggs, but also is layered with Indonesian spices like cardamom and clove. This dessert is quite difficult and time-consuming to prepare, thus it is a special delicacy served on special occasions.


This delectable dessert can be finished within seconds! A traditional dessert in Lebanon and Syria, these biscuits are also very widely popular in the Arabian Peninsula, thus also known as Arabic cookies. However, its roots are in Egypt with a similar treat called Kahk. These are sweet buttery shortbread cookies filled with dates, pistachios, or other nuts, sprinkled with powdered sugar.


A traditional Moroccan dish enjoyed on Eid. A sweet rice pudding topped with honey, nuts, and couscous. This is usually eaten in the morning before Eid prayers to kick start the day with a bowl of sweetness.


This is wildly popular not only in Gulf countries but also in the Sahel region in Africa. A soft dough made with simple ingredients such as butter, flour salt, and hot water. This looks like a gigantic dumpling that is shared and eaten in a rather communal manner that can be attributed to the old Bedouin roots. It is eaten both ways, sweet or savory depending on the toppings that one chooses.


Bolani is a crispy savory crepe-like dish, filled with vegetables like spinach, potatoes, pumpkin, or lentils. This delicious flatbread is paired with cool mint chutney and a garlic yogurt dip.


Russian cuisine is not considered very popular for Eid. However, Manti is considered one of the best Eid dishes around the world. Manti is a basic stuffed dumpling filled with seasoned lamb or beef that is served on its own or topped with a sauce. However, the filling, flavor, and shape vary from region to region and have their origins in Central Asian cuisine, thus also enjoyed in parts of Turkey, Bosnia, and Armenia.

Doro Wat

Doro wat is a hearty Ethiopian chicken and egg stew. The spiced chicken and its curry not only look bright but also are very flavourful, and the boiled eggs help to create a perfect balance to it. It is complemented with injera, an Ethiopian sour flatbread, and is served in large family gatherings or on holidays such as Eid.

Beef Rendang

This dish has its roots in Indonesia, but is so popular in Malaysia that it is considered a part of Malay cuisine. Beef Rendang is a thick beef curry stewed in coconut milk and spices enjoyed on Hari Raya known as Eid in Malaysia. The beef is soft and tender as it is slow-cooked and has the perfect hints of spices like lemongrass that bring out the flavour. It is also enjoyed in parts of the Philippines, Brunei, and Singapore.


Extremely popular throughout North Africa, Tangine is a meat stew with dry fruits and apricots that add a punch of acidity and nuttiness to it. However, the type of meat and toppings are very interchangeable and depend upon the household or the region. This specialty is a family favourite for Eid festivities.

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