Time to update that Spotify

That's What I Want - Lil Nas X

Although Lil Nas X has been dominating the global streaming charts for a while, I have to say this one is my personal favourite. It contains one of those unique melodies which tend to take up residence in your mind for a solid couple of weeks; it can be calm and relaxing when you want it to be but also exciting and invigorating.

My Universe - Coldplay ft. BTS

It’s no surprise that this is currently the number one song on the Billboard Hot 100 charts. An iconic combination of two of the most loved bands around the world, Coldplay and BTS have put together a fun, feel-good bop. Something about the melody, beat and the nostalgia attached to Chris Martin’s voice took me back to 7th grade.

Kidhar? – Maanu

I think it’s safe to say that Maanu has been absolutely killing it for the past year. Well, he’s not stopping now. His latest song, Kidhar, is a vibe of its own and you’ll probably find it playing all around you in a couple days because there’s no way this isn’t becoming another national favorite.

Painkiller – Ruel

This song accidentally wound up in my playlist and right when I was about to skip it, it just hit me how chill it really was. It gained traction after its release in 2019 with 42 Mil views on Youtube but it never quite became a global sensation. If you’re looking for a cute song with a pretty good beat, this one’s for you.

How Can I Forget – MKTO

What shocks me is that this song is in no way new, in fact it was released 4 years ago, yet very few people seem to know about it. It is rare that a song by MKTO doesn’t disappoint, but this one exceeds expectations. If you’re looking for your Disney moment and need to impress that special someone with a fun but extremely cute song at a special moment, then this is it.

Stay Next to Me - Quinn XCII, Chelsea Cutler

This song will make you want to tale that special someone for a drive when the weather’s just right. It has the strange power of making you appreciate and think about someone you care no matter what you’re doing. So, if you hear this and start daydreaming at work – consider yourself warned.

West Coast – DVBBS, Quinn XCII

This song has not received nearly as much attention as it should have in the 11 months it’s been out. The song lyrics just scream summer! So, if you’re planning to go to the beach and get your hands on the aux, don’t be afraid to blast this.

Faasla - Shamoon Ismail ft. Hasan Raheem

This list does not leave behind our very own talented artists. Shamoon Ismail and Hasan Raheem have already established themselves as the talk of the town with all the fire music they’ve released in the past couple of years. This time around, they have joined forces to put out this mellow Punjabi piece for all your long drives.

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