Celebrating a new wave of Pakistani musicians.

Youth culture in Pakistan is filled to the brim with creativity. The visual arts and music have been steadily increasing in volume and qualoity as many more people than before are finding and connecting with their inner talents and passions in order to make the whole country a more free styled and colourful place. These young minds are quick to use social media such as Instagram to promote themselves but for the musicians -- recently they have achieved access to another platform to express and show themselves.

With the launch of Spotify in Pakistan with the app’s attempt to cater to 80 more countries in February of 2021, the musical landscape of the country has undergone a certain degree of change to make space for budding new artists who are using Spotify to get discovered.

Spotify itself has created playlists which feature and promote the rising stars of the country by compiling lists of new indie and electronic tracks which you can easily check out using any of the links below for a more modern and hip selection.

Pakistani Indie Rising

Pakistani Electronic

Of course you can always throwback and also catch up with the All Time Greatest Pakistani Hits featuring everyone from Noori to Jimmy Khan to everybody's favourite heartthrob Atif Aslam! Spotify has let many from my generation also reconnect with their youth as these music has been compiled and made easily available in one spot. The plus sides of this app can be endless!

We have decided to spotlight a few of our team's favourite tracks by new and upcoming artists below, all found using the best of Spotify’s algorithms. Check these out and let us know what you think in the comments below!

Hamza Jahangir - Gumm

Asteria - The Palms

ZOH - Barood

Kashmir - Ayi Bahar

Niomi - Advantage

Rutaba Yaqub - Daira-e-ufuq

Asfand - Shades of Blue

Karim - New Sensation (Inu Remix)

One Plus Zero - Autonomy

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