Here are some of the dangers sitting has on our mental and physical well being in the long run and why staying active is vital!

We've all heard that a sedentary lifestyle and turning into a certified couch potato can affect your daily functioning. Not only do we slowly stop using our muscles for menial tasks such as walking around, but we mentally suffer the consequences as well.

A Lazy Lifestyle

'Sitting around' promotes a lazy lifestyle, which in turn leads to our bones weakening and our energy levels nearing zilch. The issue with not being active and moving around, as the human body has been designed to do, is that it gradually, and overtime, deteriorates our leg and glute muscles as well, which ultimately physically slows us down.

Couch Potato

Potato being the key word; sitting around and leading a sedentary life will not only weaken our muscles and lower our energy levels but will cause us to pack on a few extra pounds. Looks are not the leading factor in preventing this from happening, however, gaining weight can and will lead to several other health problems. Cardiovascular, deep vein thrombosis risks, blood sugar & insulin as well as causing our metabolic system and digestion to be affected. We need at least 60 minutes of moderate intensity exercise or activity to counter the consequences of sitting.

Back Pain

Image: Better Health
Image: Better Health

When we sleep in strange positions and wake up with a stiff back we know how irritable we can get. Imagine the side effects of sitting everyday in uncomfortable or unhealthy positions, whether it be at home or work, which can overtime affect our back. Chronic back, hip and neck pain is all too real. Staying sedentary encourages stiffness and poor posture, which leads to long term back problems and neck well as giving us a terrible posture as well.

Mental Health

Human beings are meant to be active and mobile. Staying stuck in one place is a lifestyle that does not allow us to be our best selves. In the long run, missing out on time which can be spent moving and getting our energy levels pumped causes us to suffer mental health side effects. Exercising and staying active releases endorphins, which elevate our dopamine and serotonin levels (happy hormones) which keep our mood in check and boosted!

Not moving around and staying sedentary causes multiple side effects which lead to an unhealthy lifestyle. Forcing ourselves to get up and move around, even if it's for a 30 minute brisk walk daily can make all the difference. Try it out and see the change yourself if you feel you can relate to any of the effects listed!

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