PM Imran Khan has issued a warning to practice caution to avoid an impending second wave during the winters.

It seems as if coronavirus is on the prowl again as many countries worldwide are fearing a second wave. The imminent threat of a rise in positive cases gives leeway to a potential lockdown once again, especially during the winter season.

On Sunday, Prime Minister Imran Khan issued a warning, stating the potential second wave would be a threat if the cases continued to rise the way they have been. Minister of Planning, Asad Umar, has stated that due to marriage halls and restaurants are becoming the main source for the spread of COVID-19.

But why is the novel coronavirus spreading?

COVID-19 has been on the rise after a steady decline in Pakistan. With 583 new cases reported in one day, the virus isn't showing signs of backing down. The World Health Organisation had initially praised Pakistan's handling of the pandemic, acknowledging the 'smart lockdowns' and efficiency which had caused COVID to begin declining. The opening of schools, restaurants and life in general has contributed to the rise of cases in the country.

The Federal Minister for Education, Shafqat Mahmood, has denied the closure of schools, and from the 30th of September, primary schools were opened as well, all in all resulting in an increasing number of cases.

The Government is advising extreme caution and for citizens to keep in mind that the global pandemic is a serious threat, safety is of the utmost priority to avoid a second wave.

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