This songs need to make a reappearance on your playlist

These songs need to be re-added to your playlist!

Ali Sethi's 'Khabar e Tahayur e Ishq'

Ah, Ali Sethi. What can I say? And then he goes on to do a rendition of this classic piece of poetry so incredibly beautifully. The gentle arrangement by Grammy award winning Noah Georgeson gives it a special kind of heart breaking power where you are not really sure who/what you are crying about. But mostly it's because the song is so pretty.

Indila's Derniere Danse

French pop music is severely under rated and Indila's is one of it's finest contemporary product. The angry ballad changes into a solid dance number by the time you get to the chorus.

Lartiste's Clandestina

Another French pop number by French Morrocan Yousuf Akidim aka Lartiste. Combining electro beats with a distinct Latin flavour and the romance of the French language itself.

The song spawned a whole range of remixes and covers.

Naseebo Lal, Aima Baig and Young Stunners' 'Groove Mera'

One of the most perfect pop songs to come out of Pakistan in recent years, the song got a lot of flack for no apparent reason. I thought it combined the right amount of grit and popular appeal.

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