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Recipes & Food Updated September 07, 2019

Eat With Edition: Pesto

Karachi is a city known for its love for food above all other aspects, so it came as no surprise when a new restaurant, Pesto, opened up but this time with a healthier approach to food (given the world is perpetually looking for easier ways of clean eating) and we thought it’s time to give this a try!

Here’s what we ate & what we thought:

The Vietnamese rice paper roll: This was one of the starters we opted for. At first bite it was sweet and then the spiciness slowly caught up. Not a bad option for those who like spicy food in general!


The Pesto chicken flatbread: Unique is all we can say! The flavour came from the sauce that was made in-house and its something we haven’t eaten before, so it came as a very pleasant surprise! SO good!


Pulled beef flatbread: This was like every other meat based pizza we eat BUT with excellent beef quality! The flavour just picked up with the meat.


The Autumn chopped chicken bowl: This was by far the best dish here! A proper healthy bowl with bursts of flavour that came from the beetroot (which was our favourite part of it!)


Chili chicken lime with fruit salsa: The chicken steak was juicy and cooked well (we all know how important this is!) and the sauce was incredible!


Sticky grilled rice bowl: succulent meat with fresh vegetables! What’s not to love?! Definitely something a health yperson could opt for.


Crying tiger beef steak: This dish had the flavour of hunter beef which was what made it stand out. We weren’t fans of the Thai sauce combined with the beef but honestly, this is one of the best dishes at Pesto!


Overall rating: 7/10


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