In Karachi the food-industry is at the top of its game, dominating the social scene and it can be hard to keep up...

In Karachi the food-industry is at the top of its game, dominating the social scene and it can be hard to keep up with the new amazing cuisines and pop-up stalls emerging every few months!

When we heard about authentic crepes being available in the country for the first time we were sold!

The Crepery has a minimalistic design rich with grain and texture. A warm and cozy ambience to make the experience of what it has to serve, wholesome, where friends can get together to enjoy a sweet or savoury dish; depending on their cravings the outlet provides both! On the menu we saw options ranging from bounty-crepe to banana-caramel to Mexican! The team had plenty of options but we chose four items.

The Appetizer:

“Poffertjes” or Dutch mini-pancakes! Yes, they are as delectable as they sound! A fluffy mini pancake, doused in creamy nutella, melting in your mouth as soon as you put one – or a handful in; these mini-pancakes originate from the Netherlands, this European treat was just what we needed to get hooked! A plate of these is perfect if you want to share a snack with friends.

Cheesy-Chicken Crepe

Our first meal after the delightful chocolate covered Poffertjes was a savoury sublime chicken and cheese crepe. Melted cheese greeted us atop the folded galette and when we sliced into it for a bite the sriracha sauce and chicken combined with the cheese was just what we needed to balance out our sugar-rush earlier. This crepe is a meal in itself and tastes better than it looks believe it or not! We enjoyed the variety from sweet to sumptuous savoury cuisine, and the sauce accentuated the taste of the sliced chicken with each bite, not being spicy but a sufficient balance, not letting it get mild.

Nutella-Banana Crepe with Additional Strawberries

Lined with banana slices and strawberries inside, mixed with warm Nutella inside was a classic. This crepe was a pleasant balance of sweet and fruity, as the fresh fruit inside complimented the chocolate flavor, slicing into it like warm butter. This concoction would be the ideal breakfast as it brought together fruits and sugary flavor without being a dessert option, with a juice on the side this meal could be welcomed in the morning or a late afternoon munch!

Smoreo Crepe

For dessert we decided to experiment with a fairly new type of creation, the smoreo crepe! Crumbled oreo on the outside and in with imported marshmallows and chocolate melted inside. We expected this to be sweet but it was quite tasty having a different type of dessert- flavor. The marshmallows gave a kick to the typical chocolate-flavor one would assume, but the oreo crumbles on top did the job! Would definitely go back and try it again!

The Crepery is known for its preservation of authentic French Crepes and specializes in serving European street food, locally in Pakistan. It provides a refined taste creating a different cultural sensation for anyone who would like to experience a European cuisine, barring any fusions, it stays pure and dedicated to delivering a genuine result to its customers. Starting off with French-crepes the restaurant has branched out to introduce new items such as their mini-pancakes, galettes and more to come!

Notes: Our overall experience was pleasant; we enjoyed the atmosphere being warm and amiable; the food with plenty of options available and its authentic taste, being different from our local cuisine with reasonable pricing making it accessible for more people to try. We would definitely recommend The Crepery as a go-to for a different type of experience to dish on with friends or family!

Rating: 8/10

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