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If you’ve lived in Karachi for some time, you’ve probably found yourself eating a countless number of chicken and kabab rolls. They’re simply the perfect food. The aroma of the fresh, hot paratha mixed with the chutney and finally the kick of the chicken/kabab is more than enough to get your mouth-watering. The debate over the best roll in Karachi often gets heated but why fight when you can appreciate all. Here are our top four places to get rolls from.

4. Silver Spoon

This one is for the oldies. Inaugurated in 1970, Silver Spoon was the go-to place for a good kabab roll back in the day. Many argue even today that their rolls are unbeatable. Their iconic beef kabab rolls are a must try.

3. Red Apple

Red Apple for many years have been gracing their customers with their delicious, textbook rolls. Their chicken chutney rolls are probably what anyone would picture in their head when they think of a chicken roll. A long and thin paratha, some tangy chutney, sliced onions and perfectly cooked meat. Their chicken is always succulent and chutney is extremely flavorful and hits the spot right away. All in all, Red Apple can be seen as the standard for a great chicken roll.

2. Roll Inn

A lot of the time when you try a roll from a new place, you’ll find it’s quite similar to the rolls you’ve had in the past. Roll Inn rolls produce distinct flavors, fairly different to those you enjoy from most other places. The chicken chunks have a lot more masala on them than most other places like to put and their chutney has a unique flavor to it as well. If you’re ever stuck in a situation in which you’re trying to figure out which restaurant to order a chicken roll from and your results are seeming ambiguous, go for Roll Inn and enjoy its unique flavors!

1. Hot N Spicy

Of course, Hot N Spicy must take the crown. Although I don’t care much for comparing the various rolls you get across the city, I find it hard to believe so many people consider this a debate. Everything about a roll from Hot N Spicy is perfect. Their rolls are nice and thick with large chunks of chicken inside. The parathas are perfectly light and fluffy on the inside but have a great crisp to them on the outside. The flavor of their chicken is great and their chutney is unmatched!

At the end of the day the roll you like best comes down to nothing more than personal preference and while the debates are fun, no one needs to miss out on all the amazing rolls our city has to offer out of fear of being disloyalty. If there’s a roll on our list you haven’t tried yet, make sure you change that!

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